10 reasons to buy local meat

Not too long ago, buying local was the only option. We’re always hearing that a return to buying local food is the best option in terms of the environment, farming, and the economy.

At Rose Farm we produce beef from our suckler herd right in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. We try to do things the old-fashioned way, with care for the animals, the farm and our customers. In our farm shop we sell meat from our own farm, carefully butchered and prepared.

Here are 10 reasons you should consider buying local meat.

1. Amazing quality

When you buy traditionally raised meat from local producers, you’re going to get a product that stands out from the crowd. We’re able to take the time to do things right, giving you amazing quality beef and pork, including many options you wouldn’t get in the big shops.

2. Know where it comes from

Here at Rose Farm we know the story of every cut, from our very own pastures to your fridge.

3. No surprises

Traditional local farmers will be able to tell you exactly what’s gone into the product.

4. Specialist knowledge

In addition to this, farmers who have first-hand experience of the animals you’re buying will be able to answer any questions you have, recommend a cut of meat, and give cooking and serving advice.

5. Unique breeds

The UK has a right heritage of farming, and local producers are able to offer traditional breeds, raised in the time-honoured fashion with plenty of space, care and attention. A good local butcher or farm shop will tell you exactly what breed your pork chops or silverside has come from.

6. Reduce food miles

Food miles — the measure of how far food has been transported from farm to fork — are a hot topic these days. Buying local is the most effective way to cut down on food miles and all the associated energy use in terms of fuel, packaging and storage.

7. Positive farming practices

Where big national producers are driven by getting as much product out of as little space and resource as possible, smaller local farmers can adopt more positive farming approaches, promoting diversity and protecting wildlife.

8. Protects local farmland

Flourishing local farms are an important part of our Cheshire heritage. Buying local means farms can keep on producing excellent quality food, and the land is protected from developers.

9.Supports local farmers

Farmers who supply supermarkets are always in the news, exasperated that the big chains are squeezing them for every penny and keeping the margins for themselves. Buying local is a far more ethical way to shop, making sure the farms and their staff are properly paid for their work.

10. Boosts the local economy

 When you buy local, more of your spending money remains within your local community. Not just in terms of the farm and its staff, but also the places they shop, and the businesses and services they use, and through council tax to local amenities and services. Buying local creates a virtuous cycle within your local economy.

So there you have it! Ten reasons to buy local.

If you want to know more, just pop in to Rose Farm and chat to our team. We’d be more than happy to help you choose the perfect cut for any occasion.