What’s happening at Rose Farm and where have all the cattle gone?

Autumn is in the air and it will soon be time to prepare for the winter.  I don’t know about you, but September often feels like the start of a new year and always feels like a good time to bring in the new. So with that in mind, we are excited to be introducing some changes to Rose Farm. In fact, you may have already noticed the building work going on and you may be wondering:

“Where have all the cattle gone?” and “Are you still farming?”.

The short answer is that we still have all our cattle and we are definitely still farming.

We still have approx 300+ herd of cattle and the only change is that the cattle that were housed in the shed at the shop will now be housed in a new building on our land at Duddon (3 miles away). You will still see the cattle grazing the land around the shop as usual.

The farm building at the shop is currently being renovated and upgraded to provide a range of high- quality units, including an upcycling unit, a luxury candle retailer and we have further units that are available to rent for retail or workshop use.

This gives our customers access to a wider range of services at Rose Farm, whilst we continue to provide the highest quality of meat to our customers from our cattle who are located close by.

If you have any queries, or are interested in renting any of the available units, please contact David at Rose Farm on 07763 492899 or email rosefarmshop@live.co.uk